5 Foods You Need To Avoid If You Are A Bride To Be

     Junk food- As tempting as it may sound (and look), junk food such as burgers, pizzas and the likes are extremally unhealthy for you, especially if you are a bride to be. The greasy goodness is not going to do any good to your body. After having such food items, you will end up feeling bloated for hours. Also, such food items are not good if you want to have a healthy glow on your face on your D-day. Greasy junk food may make you look tired over a period of time and also lead to acne and other skin related issues.

Avoid artificial sweeteners-When it comes to cutting on sugar we do so many things to make ourselves feel better about it. Having diet coke instead of a regular one, taking a sugar-free instead of sugar in tea and coffee, etc. We make all these efforts to make ourselves feel better. But most of us are unaware of the fact that sugar-free food items are just as bad as the sugary ones, if not more.

Lower your caffeine intake-For a lot of people coffee/tea works as an alarm clock in the morning as well as an energiser during the day. It is the caffeine present in the coffee/tea which wakes you up and energise you. But along with that it can also mess up you sleeping pattern, lead to acidic formation in your stomach and can also lead to bloating. Instead of having your regular cuppa switch it with a caffeine free green tea or matcha tea instead.

Reduce the salt intake-Too much of salt is not good for your body anyways. But when you are the bride to be you need to be extra cautious of what you are putting in your body. A bag full of chips or large French fries can increase the amount of sodium in your body to great heights making you feel bloated. Try to keep your salt intake below 2300 mg/day. Anything more than this will show up on your body and skin.

Switch refined food with organic-Refined food items or white food items such as refined flour, refined sugar, white rice, white pasta, etc. need to be avoided. These food items are made up of simple carbs which are very difficult to digest as compared to their healthier counterparts such as whole wheat flour, palm sugar, brown rice, brown pasta, etc. These will help you get rid of the excess water weight and will keep you full for longer since they are high in fibre content.

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