6 funny ways fatherhood changes your life

Have you forgotten the last time you set an alarm? Your little one is now an alarm that you can’t put on snooze and wakes you up whenever they want to. Not just that, you need to practice some kangaroo care too. Yes, being a father is a life-changing event. It makes you feel as if you were in another world altogether. Sometimes like a punishment, but mostly rewarding. Here are some changes you might, or are already, observing:


1. You have a long night, every single day: Does it feel like you are back to bachelorhood again with staying up late? The only difference is that you won’t get a chance to be in bed till late. Besides, staying up late now is for taking care of your toddler and not drinking with friends or watching a game with a tub of popcorn.


2. You visit parks often: From a frequent flyer to a frequent visitor to parks – what a change! Gone are the days when you visited the jogger’s park for a nice cardio or stretching or simply ogle at girls. A visit to the park now means taking your little one out for some sightseeing. You can still ogle at the girls and you might even hear “Oh, he’s so cute”. Sigh! That’s for your toddler and not you.

3. You are the official punch bag at home: You may have never been hit by a rival so often, as from your kid. The punches, kicks, the pinching and hopping on your back or belly – that needs a lot of strength. No matter how agitated you are, you can’t hit back, that’s the change fatherhood brings along.

4. You have stopped shopping for white clothes: A white shirt is like a blank canvas for the kid. You may snatch the crayon from them but what about the food they spill while eating, or vomit. You can’t skip that. So the best deal is to say goodbye to whites till your kid is a little older.

5. You are not alone: Forget those days when you would read books and newspaper in the toilet. Now you have a live question and answer session going on when your little one talks in gibberish with you from outside or keeps knocking the door, reminding you of your dorm days. You’ll be lucky if they allow you to close the door.

6. Shopping spree continues: You thought shopping with the wife was boring. Welcome to the kids’ world. Now you have to visit the apparel store, toy store from where you have to drag a toddler screaming on top of their voice out and even spend times in the games arena. Don’t even dare look at the gadget store unless you want to buy your kid a fancy electronic item.

These are just some of the changes and we are sure you must have experienced many more. But think calmly and you will know you have the best job in the world- to look after your toddler who loves and adores you so much.You will miss this phase once they grow old. It may seem like a chaos initially, but you’ll soon get used to it and fairy tales will soon become your favourite genre of books.

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