Astro health predictions — Feb 21st-March 20th (2018)


 In regard to health middle aged and above who already have issues related to respiratory system or heart-related issues will need to be very careful this week. Rush to the doctor in case of any uneasiness. You need to change your lifestyle to remain in trouble free health condition.


This week also hold good news as far as your health and well-being are concerned. You will be energetic throughout. This good health will help you in your work whether it is office, business or studies. No major threat to your physical well-being is foreseen here. Exercise and meditate daily.


Ones having trouble related to an irregularity in blood pressure need to remain watchful by having a regular check-up. A severe toothache may trouble you. It can lead to the loss of your tooth if you do not take immediate action. Rush to your dentist to fix up the problem immediately.


Though there is no major threat to your well-being this week, those having issues with their respiratory system for long will have to take care. Take due preventive measures promptly to save you further from complications. Diabetic needs to stick to diet instruction of physician to avoid any further trouble.


In regard to health, slow digestion and consequent acidic reflux in digestive system will make you very uncomfortable this week. You will have difficulty to digest the food. Take due preventive measures as prescribed by your dietician for keeping the digestive system in order. Avoid late night dinners and spicy food.


There will be no major threat to those who were already enjoying good health. However, if you had been suffering from some illness earlier, it will come back again. Consult your doctor as soon as you notice some symptoms related to the illness. Alternative therapy can root out the issue.


Those who are prone to frequent problems related to the digestive system, will not get respite. You will have to consult an expert doctor who can change your medication and suggests some change in your diet. Others will enjoy good health this week. You will feel pretty energetic and lively.


It will be a good healthy week for most of you with the exception of those suffering from blood pressure. If having trouble related to an irregularity in blood pressure, you will have to maintain your pressure with proper medication and diet. Avoid all sorts of stress and worries that can affect your health.

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