Cure rancid feet, sunburns at home


Summer and storm are periods of sweat and maddening skin illnesses. Diminish liquor utilization, change your eating routine and wipe out specific supplements to assuage sweat, recommend specialists. Being Postiv, have recorded approaches to treat the issues:

  • Wash feet accurately: You may feel that a straightforward shower would be sufficient to keep your feet clean however you should wash your feet with an antibacterial cleanser day by day. Home cures are likewise advantageous. Go for vinegar showers in which you absorb feet one section vinegar and two sections water. This diminishes the level of microscopic organisms that causes smell. Or on the other hand you can attempt salt washes by emptying half container genuine salt into four mugs water, and after that drench the feet for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help expel the odor.

  • It is critical to keep the feet clean, expel dampness by applying preparing pop, cornstarch and arrowroot powder. Different anti fungal oils like tea tree oil can be utilized.
  • Do not wear filthy or sweat-soaked socks or shoes.
  • Change eating routine to add and kill certain supplements to assuage sweat.
  • Reduce liquor utilization and cigarette smoking, it will likewise help over the long haul.
  • You can utilize items like antibacterial splashes, infant powder and baby powder.
  • There are additionally a few herbs that will help you with the issue of malodorous feet:

Aloe vera: It relaxes the skin without obstructing pores. It enhances skin drying out. It diminishes pore estimate, which helps keep out abundance sebum, earth and microorganisms.

Tulsi: Prevents irritation as the leaves contain antibacterial and hostile to contagious mixes. It likewise helps in treatment of skin contamination and limit the development of bacterium like E coli and B anthracis which cause skin diseases.

Apply a decent quality sunscreen moisturizer and cream, and wear a wide overflowed cap and sun glasses. As the mid year temperature hits remember to drink enough water to keep yourself satisfactorily hydrated.

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