Make Lovely Legs Through Natural Treatments

Our feet did numerous sorts of work, yet we usually don’care of them, but rather when they split or some other issue emerges than we worried about our feet, and pay excessively cash for pedicure and different cures in the Parlor however We can get lovely feet by home cures. Foot Blanch by Natural Therapies

Take a few spoon curd and few drops of Brown Vinegar, blend it.

Use this Bleach when your feet is dry and at that point rub it.

In the wake of rubbing drop your feet in warm water and get lovely feet.

go Form  homemade pack

Granulate a Fresh Orange and Make a Yellow Paste.

In this glue, include Multani Mitti (Multani Soil), Red shoe and Mosambi Juice.

Apply this glue at Your Feet after Pedicure.

At the point when this glue wound up plainly dry, at that point rub and wash and get great reaction.

source Home made Foot Scrub

Mix  Sugar and Lemon extract and massage it on legs.

In the wake of rubbing feet quickly drop your feet in warm water.

Tenderly rub feet and you Get Beautiful and delicate feet.

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