Make Up For Dusky Beauty

Beauty is the name of compact personality. There is no role of skin complexion in it . However it matters up to some extent and needs to maintain . But if you look a beautiful women , you look her complete personalty , her attitude , body language and obviously the way of her talking.At a point of time how she carries herself , what she wears , how do she present herself., her confidence level . If confidence is good then the complexion doesn’t matters a lot because beauty is a complete state of personalty.

If you are of dusky complexion then you have to take care of your makeup to look elegant and beautiful.

go here Makeup Tips : 

Base colour : Which suits your skin but avoid light tone foundation.

Eye shadow : Kajal (Black).

Lip colour : Not very light shade , use dark colour lip glass , brown , onion pink or dusky bronj, maroon.

Blusher : Bronjers , deep plum.

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