Spinach or tawny curry : A sound Formula for sugar patient

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In the event that you are a diabetic then you know why it is important to eat more new deliver than prepared or bundled nourishments. Most diabetics are educated to incorporate an assortment concerning foods grown from the ground in their eating routine as it guarantees legitimate fiber consumption, helps bring down cholesterol, get thinner and control glucose levels. In any case, now and again it could be hard to eat three to four servings of vegetables with your feast. To conquer this shortage, having a smoothie can be gainful. Squeezing encourages you get fundamental minerals and vitamins from vegetables and is a superior alternative than garbage nourishment amid nibble time. Here click Being Postiv gives a solid green smoothie formula for diabetics.


Spinach or palak: five to six takes off

Or, on the other hand

Ambat chukka or roan curry leaves: 10 to 12 of them

Extra fixings:

Betel leaf : One leaf

Tulsi or heavenly basil abandons: One modest bunch

Mint or pudina abandons: One modest bunch

Curry leaves or kadi patta: four to six pieces

One or two natural products: Choose from either apple/guava/banana/chickoo/pear

One glass  water

A squeeze of cinnamon, turmeric, dark pepper, shake salt and Half lemon


Put every one of the fixings in the blender and mix at fast. Pour every one of the substance in a glass and press a large portion of a lemon to it. To improve its taste include a squeeze of cinnamon, turmeric, dark pepper and shake salt. Try not to strain the juice. Drink this smoothie new and don’t store it in the ice chest for a really long time.

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