Vastu Compliant Room For Your Children

Youngsters rooms should be in the west, north or east of the home. A west bearing room is most suitable for your youngsters. An eastern room can likewise be utilized for unmarried youngsters or visitors; yet a room east is suggested for a recently married couple. The couch in the kids room can be in the southwest segment with heads in the east or south direction . Have a look with Being Postiv :

When in doubt of Vaastu, do not place any mirror inverse to the bed a room. A TV screen is additionally considered as mirror, when killed, thus even a TV is not permitted to be kept precisely inverse to the bed. In any case, as individuals for the most part demand keeping a TV in room, it can be kept to one side or left of the bed at plot for an agreeable view from bed.

The entryway of the lavatory ought not be precisely inverse to the bed.

An up lighter in the southeast corner of the room brings positive vitality and great wellbeing. Continuously                 guarantee that the inside place of the room is vacant i.e. never put any furniture in the focal point of the room.

The furniture in the room ought to be set a couple of inches far from the dividers, as it spares the positive energies of body and brain. Be that as it may, if the main room or room of a wedded couple is in the south-east course of the principle building, it brings about pointless squabbles between them or increment in inefficient use.

Reading Table

The  Reading table, if set in the room, ought to be set in order to guarantee that the tyke should confront east, north or north-east while contemplating. Confronting east guarantees better fixation while contemplating.


A TV ought to never be put in the room, however in the event that it is vital it can be put in north-west of the room. What’s more, a PC can be put in south-east corner of the room.

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