Ways To Prevent Lipstick Stains Transferring On Cups & Collars

We all love a perfect makeup look, but we hate how soon it gets smudged or wears off, especially from your lips! Yes, ladies, it happens to us all.You are with your friends for a coffee or spending some loving moments with your partner, and suddenly see that colorful mark on your coffee cup or his shirt’s collar. And you realize that it’s your lipstick that decided to switch places from your lips to other surfaces. But don’t worry girls, we have the perfect solution to avoid such embarrassing situations to happen ever again. The following beauty or say lipstick hacks will save your day!

Always Wear A Good Lip Liner

The best to get a bold look for your lips is to apply a lip liner. It not only marks a statement but also prevents lipstick from shifting to another surface or smudging on your face. A lip liner brings out a perfect shape for your lips and boundaries your lip color to stay within.

Always Remember To Blot Before Another Layer

You will always be needing to blot your first layer of makeup, be it on your lips or face, to get a finished and more vibrant look. Blot helps the makeup to settle and doesn’t allow it to shift from its place or prevents it from transferring it on cups & collars. All you need to do is blot your lipstick right before you are about to apply another layer of it, to make it stay on the place and last longer.

Seal The Deal With Powder

This is the easiest trick that you can go for getting a long-lasting lipstick and preventing it from sticking to other surfaces like collars and cups. Simply take your compact powder or any translucent powder and dust it all over lips right after you apply a single shade of your lipstick. Then re-apply another shade of your lipstick and seal the deal for an intact look.

Foundation For Your Lips

Foundation is not only for your face, but it can also be applied on lips for increasing longevity of your lipstick. Applying foundation first and then sealing it with a compact powder is great for a longer lasting lipstick.

Make Your Lip Primer Your Savior

Primer is a great option if you want your lipstick to last longer and avoid getting stains of your lip color on things like glasses, cups or collars. It provides a smooth and even base for your lipstick, making the latter stick to your lips for longer period and preventing it from transferring it on collars and glasses.

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