You should avoid these for your Pooja Room

Being Postiv proposes You some fundamental Vastu Tips that you should take after for your pooja space to get most extreme energy and success and also to dispose of cynicism… ..

The pooja place ought to never be south way.

Do not have pooja put in a store-room.

Avoid pooja put in any room. Be that as it may if there is no alternative at that point utilize the north-east corner of the room as worship place (however recollect this is the last and slightest favored choice). Likewise recall that while dozing or lying on bed your feet ought not point towards this corner.

Never make pooja room in storm cellar or first or above floors.

Do not have worship place put above, beneath or by any latrine or kitchen.

Idols ought to never confront south.

Do not etch off the divider to make put for keeping icons.

Never keep broken symbols.

Idols ought to never be specifically before the passageway entryway of supplication room.

Never keep the icons brought from old sanctuaries in the petition room.

Women ought not go into the supplication room amid menses.

Scenes or photographs of wrongdoing, fights or of any negative feelings are a strict “no” in the pooja put. In reality you should keep away from them in your whole home.

Do not hang photographs of creatures and winged animals in the worship place .

Never have photographs of passed away individuals in the pooja region.

Never keep a dustbin in the worship place ; it diminishes positive vitality of the room.

No one should rest at the worship place (aside from if the supplication room is in room).

Don’t keep the things in the worship place that don’t have a place there.

Never ever – under any situation – disguise any cash or different resources in worship place.

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