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Who couldn’t use a good luck charm each now and then? These 5 super simple items will boost your luck in a pinch: particularly (of course) if you empower them with the intention to try to to therefore.

(For those of you wondering a way to go about empowering an item with your intention, the quick answer is to hold it in each hands and tune to the thought, feeling, and expectation of that that you intend – in this case good luck. Then, mentally send the energy of this thought/feeling/expectation into the object, through your hands, in the form of visualized light.)

A Citrine Quartz

Citrine Quartz

One of the happiest crystals on earth, a citrine quartz consistently holds a positive energetic vibration. Keep it close to draw abundance, lift the spirits, and magnetize positive life conditions.

A Clove of Purple Garlic

Clove of Purple Garlic

Although all garlic emanates extremely high and protective vibes, purple garlic is sweeter than white garlic, and has the added benefit of sweetening situations and magnetizing the sweet things in life, such as romance, luxury, and divine timing. put a clove in your pocket or mojo bag for all-purpose positivity.

Honeysuckle Flower Essence

Honeysuckle Flower Essence

Sure, honeysuckle flower essence is commonly used as a homeopathic remedy to soothe feelings of nostalgia and homesickness. but it also works to remove blockages to your most ideal and harmonious life flow. put a couple of drops in your water bottle or under your tongue every day for a week to activate health, wealth, and good fortune of all varieties.

A Saint Christopher medal

Saint Christopher medal

In The encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints and Sages, Judika Illes writes, “Saint St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, provides safety when you are away from home…Any day that you gaze upon the image of Saint St. Christopher could be a day that you won’t die or, at least, not suddenly and unexpectedly.” Wear a St. St. Christopher honor when you travel or hang one in your car for protection from physical hurt.

A Red Rose

Red Rose

Even the least magically-minded among us might employ a red rose as a love charm: but did you know red roses are also crazy powerful luck charms? Their vibrant color is pure auspiciousness, and that they have a unique metaphysical ability to help bust through negativity and blocks of all varieties. Keep one or more fresh red roses close when you need to keep vibes high and insure general good luck in all life areas.

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