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Bad habits you must break

What makes you is the bad habits or good habits that you follow. However when you allow the negative habits to take over your consciousness, they can dramatically impede your overall health and even personal relationships. For this reason it is time that you inculcate in good habits to lead a happy, successful and peaceful life. Let us tell you that breaking all the bad habits is definitely not an easy task. It will require a lot of self-control and also self-monitoring. However we can assure you that this is definitely worth the effort and once you start abandoning these habits you will start to notice positive changes in your overall personality. These changes will also ensure that your health improves and that you lead a positive life.

Bad habits to break

Using your phone when in bed

This is probably one bad habit that most of us tend to follow. Little do we realize that it can also harm our overall productivity and sleep? It can also have a negative impact on our mood, energy level and most importantly the quality of our sleep. This is so because when our eyes are directly exposed to the light of the phone it can make us more sensitive to it. This is the problem with most devices including laptops or tablets. It not only affects the ability of falling asleep but also has a negative impact on our mood. For this reason the best thing to avoid this habit is to not watch any television post your dinner.

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Checking your phone during a conversation

Let us tell you that this is definitely a big turn off and you need to stop following this practice immediately. It is very irritating when you start checking your phone during a mid-conversation just to text someone or to get a quick glance of your phone. When you are communicating with someone your entire commitment should be given to that conversation. This will help in creating a positive and strong bond with the person you are interacting and will make a conversation all the more enjoyable.

Saying ‘yes’ when you didn’t want to

The more difficulty you have saying no, let us tell you the more it is going to increase your stress levels and cause you mental issues such as depression. You should never be afraid to turn someone down if you do not want to get into a particular task or not want to give any kind of commitment to anybody. You always need to remind yourself that when you decline in anybody’s request due to your own personal reason it shows you have good self-control.

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Consumption of alcohol or tobacco

The recent trend or false perception today has been that a person can only enjoy when he or she drinks or smokes. This is why an increasing number of young people today have fallen prey to this bad habit. Let us tell you that intoxicating your senses will never do you anything good. We are not asking you to completely give up on alcohol, but instead you can limit its consumption to maybe one beer in a week. This way you can have a good time with your folks and also build strong and positive relationships with people around you.

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