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Home remedies to control Diabetes

One of the most deadly forms of diseases that has seen a rapid increase among the population of India is diabetes. Diabetes today can be diagnosed on an increasing rate in both children and elderly. The causes of diabetes can be many. Few common problems are usually stress, changing lifestyle, and unhealthy eating habits and hereditary problems. While the causes are many one needs to make a lot of changes in lifestyle to ensure that blood sugars stay normal. Medications and insulin also play a very major role in controlling diabetes. But more importantly what matters is to take proper care of your health at home through certain remedies. These remedies will help in effective results through the medications you consume too. Moreover, these remedies are not harmful and also recommended by many of the doctors. The Being Positive team has compiled a list of the best home remedies that can help in controlling Diabetes and blood sugar levels. Read below to know how these remedies can help you or a dear one who suffers from diabetes!

Eating loads of Bitter gourd

Bitter Gourd is generally very helpful for those who suffer from diabetes. This is because Bitter gourd comprises of elements that can help in managing and controlling the blood glucose in the body. It helps in increasing the pancreatic insulin levels as well. The best part about Bitter Gourd is that it can help in improving the health of all your organs and not just one. The best way to help in controlling blood sugar levels in the body is by consuming a glass of bitter gourd on an empty stomach. You can also prepare a variation of dishes that can help in giving you the maximum benefits. When tossed with some spices, bitter gourd can actually taste good. Bitter gourd consumption is good for people who suffer from both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes ailments.

Eating fenugreek

For those looking forward to control their blood sugar levels, fenugreek can be a great option as it can too, help in controlling the blood sugar levels. Being high in fiber, fenugreek is a good option for those who suffer from diabetes. It can help in a better consumption of blood sugar in the body. It is useful in controlling both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and many doctors advice its consumption. You can consume fenugreek seeds by soaking them in the water overnight or you can have it on an empty stomach as well. Including fenugreek in veggies and curries is also an option you can consider.

Drink water

Those patients who suffer from diabetes are always at a higher risk of suffering from problems like dehydration. And to make sure this does not happen and that your kidneys health is maintained it is important to drink loads of water. Drinking ample of water can help in proper passage of urine too. Many doctors from are of the opinion that those suffering from both type 1 and 2 diabetes need to drink loads of water.

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