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Post-holiday detox tips from your head to toe.

We’ve got some post-holiday detox tips to get rid of those post-Christmas blues and raise up your spirits after all that indulging.

From eating too much at Christmas dinner, to having one too several glasses of champagne on New Year’s Eve, to heat styling your hair for all of your vacation parties, there’s no better time for a reset than the start of 2019. To assist you out, we’ve rounded up our top post-holiday detox tips therefore you can begin the New Year off feeling light, tight, and fresh.

Reset your diet

Feel good, look good. That’s why your favourite post-holiday detox tip is to nourish yourself properly from the inside. Not sticking to your regular diet is understandable over the vacations, thus it’s necessary to not beat yourself up. If you’re not feeling your best, the New Year is a blast to create those life style changes you’ve been considering. Have you ever wanted to try going gluten-free to see if it banishes your bloating? Contemplated going vegan or vegetarian however suppose it’ll be too hard to stick to? Just wanting to reduce the quantity of refined sugars in your diet?

Whatever the case, use the chance for a clean slate to create changes to your diet and see what works. we advise starting slowly by creating little tweaks to your diet instead of quitting whatever it’s you’re cutting out cold turkey, therefore you’re less likely to relapse down the line. You simply may be shocked how much motivation you have got to stick to one thing when you start feeling its positive effects! Plus, eating right could be a key part of fostering good hair health, so it’s necessary to nourish yourself from the inside-out.

Commit to doing a hair mask twice every week

If there’s one thing the vacation season is filled with, it’s parties. From casual dinner parties with family to work events, and New Year’s celebrations, most people have been getting dressed more than usual. This implies your hair has to endure lots more heat styling than it does on a normal basis, thus replenishing the moisture in your strands is the best post-holiday detox for your hair. From curling irons to straighteners and everything in between, all the heat used on your hair this holiday season will leave it feeling dry and brittle thus it’s necessary to rehydrate your strands with a nutritious hair mask. Just pop on your favourite Netflix show, sit back, relax, and let the mask get to work. If you wish to maximise your results, we suggest leaving your mask on overnight. Just make sure to place a towel down on your pillow to prevent any mess!

Detoxify your skin with a mask

When it comes to face masks, there are people who mask frequently, once every week without fail, and people that always forget, despite knowing they must. Think about a mask as a post-holiday detox in a jar. It will transform your skin get rid of blemishes, and leave your complexion looking soft and supple. Since you’ve probably been carrying more makeup than usual throughout the vacations, it’s a good idea to use a clarifying mask to draw out impurities to prevent any pimples from surfacing.

On the other hand, if the New Year’s Eve festivities have left you feeling parched and your skin is looking a bit sallow, a hydrating mask is your best bet. From detoxifying your skin to infusing it with moisture, a mask will instantly revive your complexion therefore you look more bright and radiant. Trust us, if you get into the habit of using a mask frequently, you’ll become addicted to the results.

Start a new exercise routine you actually enjoy

There’s no better time than the New Year to kick start a new exercise routine. In spite of everything the heavy food, rich desserts, and drinking over the vacations, it’s natural to not be feeling your best. The best post-holiday detox? Workout a sweat and get those toxins out of your body faster. Forming good habits early in the New Year is the best way to set yourself up for success, but as always, it’s a good idea to ease into your new life style. If you’ve ne’er been physically active before, we don’t suggest diving into an intense 7-days-a-week training plan right off the bat. Not only do you run the chance of getting injured, it’s conjointly unlikely that you will wish to hit the gym every day when you’ve never exercised consistently before. Instead, we recommend baby steps therefore you can ease yourself into an effective exercise set up gradually.

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