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Makeup – everyone uses it, maybe just to conceal, maybe for a glow up, to look presentable or to feel confident. While it does make you feel better, there is always a process before and after applying it to make sure it doesn’t harm your skin. Here are some tips for prep your face after make-up::

Now it is very important to remove your makeup in order to let your skin to breathe! So here are the four steps that you can follow:

  1. There are several options like wet wipes, moisturizing creams, makeup removers or cotton to take off your makeup. Use this as a first step but don’t leave it here. Make-up removers just make make up easy to remove but don’t remove it wipes
  2. Always follow up with a face cleanser. Your regular facewash is more than good. Use one with a lighter pH balance, especially if you have sensitive skin in order to have better results and lesser acne. This will remove the makeup all the wayfacewash
  3. Don’t ever rub your skin dry afters, pat it dry  – your skin needs to be kept fresh and supple not dry. 
  4. Use a toner. This helps close the pores of your skin and also maintains its pH levels. It also gives your skin a much more even look.
  5. Last but not the least moisturizing your skin is a must. Use vitamin E based moisturizer for maintaining health of your skinmoisturize

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