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Makeup – everyone uses it, maybe just to conceal, maybe for a glow up, to look presentable or to feel confident. While it does make you feel better, there is always a process before and after applying it to make sure it doesn’t harm your skin. Here are some tips to prep your face before make-up:

Pre-Make up prep tips:

  1. First and foremost, before applying anything on your face make sure it is cleaned properly. Use a cleanser and a good one, especially if you have sensitive skin. The best choice is a cleanser with a low pH because they work well during the winters too! It is also better for acne prone skin. Apply on face and neck and wash well. A cleaner face gives a fresher, better look.Make Up
  2. Follow up with Exfoliating: While the cleanser just removes the dirt, a scrub goes much deeper. They are used to remove the dead cells in the skin. These dead cells were once fibrous proteins that died when they reached the outer layer of the skin. These lead to excess oils, clogged pores, acne and more. Which is why exfoliating your skin is a must. A suitable exfoliating scrub is gentle and contains small granules.. After selection of exfoliating scrub, apply it on your face and neck by rubbing in circular direction slowly. Rinse off thoroughly. scrub
  3. Post exfoliation, apply a serum in order to provide vitamins and other active ingredients that your skin requires. It makes skin smoother, reduces pores, increases moisture levels and minimizes big concerns like wrinkles.
  4. Use a Moisturizer that als works as a sunscreen with good SPF. This will not just smoothen your skin but also keep it hydrated all day.moisturize
  5. Use a Primer to set a base for your make up which gives you smooth skin and acts as an extra layer that protects your moisturizer and thus your face.

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