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How to Stop Premature Greying Hair Problem

In today’s era the main problem with hair is pre-mature greying. What do we understand by pre-mature greying, definition of pre-mature greying hair? Now-a-days even kids have grey hairs, greying of hairs depends upon genetics from individuals to individuals, many times people started having grey hair at the age of 20 only because of their genetics, whereas many people don’t have any grey hair at the age of 50 as well. The definition of pre-mature greying hair is that if you started having grey hair before 5-10years of normal timing of greying hairs of your family. The reason behind pre-mature greying of hairs depends upon our genetic as well as on the lifestyle which we are living now-a-days, what we are eating and drinking, and the stress we are taking on a daily basis, do we exercise or not, pre-mature greying is the indication of our lifestyle which we are living. Healthy lifestyle will allow your genetics to control the greying of hairs, no other factors can affect the hairs. Children aged 8-10 years have grey hairs, if you have 10-15 grey hair then it’s not the matter of tension because many times the hair doesn’t produce millennial, pigment but it doesn’t mean that you will have all grey hair after that. Premature hair means when you start having grey hair more than 10%, and 10% is a huge percentage. Kids are facing this problem because they are not consuming good food, good food means they are not consuming proper amount of zinc and other minerals.

Kids who is having the problem of grey hair, they started having 10-15 grey hairs or can see new grey hairs growing to control the problems parents should include fruits and vegetables into diet, Date is one of the best source of iron, so start including 1 or 2 dates in their diet on daily basis, jaggery is a good source as well, colour fruit is good source of iron. Iron is a good treatment of premature greying. Simultaneously hair should be clean, don’t use hard shampoo, use baby shampoo on alternatives days, if you are using baby shampoo only one day in a week then it won’t work, proper usage of baby shampoo is required.  Proper diet and proper hygiene can reduce the problem of greying of hairs. If Elders are facing this problem then they can use vitamin B7 named biotin which causes the greying hair to reduce the problem proper diet will not help. Proper medication is required in every 3 months. So stop taking tension of getting grey hair and start taking care of your diet and health. Take doctors consultancy for the problem.

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