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How To Stop Premature Greying Hair Problems

Premature greying is a problem which is faced by a lot of people during recent years, this is a very important issue which one should look into as even children are having grey hair issues which was not seen in previous years. There is something called as genetic greying where people of the age 20 can also have grey hair and contrastingly people of 50 may also not have grey hair, this happens because of the genes we carry from our parents. To define premature greying – it is a condition where a person starts getting grey hair 5 to 10 years before the others members in their family had got in the given age. Premature greying has not only to do with genetics but has to do more about lifestyle choices, people today are choosing to opt for unhealthy food habits and this has lead to deficiencies that lead to health issues like premature greying. Stress is another reason for premature greying of hair as it depletes the melanocyte stem cells that determine hair colour.It also matters if we are endorsed and if we exercise, as exercise is essential for us to maintain health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps a person improve the health conditions like premature greying and also a lot of other health issues can be rectified by just choosing a healthy lifestyle. In children of 8 to 10 we see issues of greying because of lack of pigmentation which is a normal issue, this can be rectified by improving the food habits of the child and increasing the nutrition intake of the child. The child’s diet can be improved by including a lot of fruits in their food as fruits are the best source of nutrients, we should give them one date a day as dates benefit a lot in greying situation also jaggery should be included in their diet. It is very essential for us to maintain nutrient in their food to see that the food includes a lot of iron. We should also see to it that the hair and scalp are kept clean, we should use a mild shampoo if we are using baby shampoo we should use it every alternate day as it will not help if we shampoo once a week. In elders premature greying takes place because of a deficiency of a chemical called as biotin which is form of vitamin B7 to improve this one needs to consume fruits on a regular basis. One should not increase the greying of hair by taking stress about it , we should visit a doctor take a blood test and understand the root cause of uses which will help us improve the condition.


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