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Importance of fasting during Navratri

One of the most popular festivals celebrated in India is Navratri. It is also the best time to enjoy your culture and tradition. Filled with colors, dance and songs it is a perfect time for all of us to relax and rejuvenate with ourselves. Most importantly it is the time to turn inwards and recharge ourselves with some great energy.

And the best way to do so is by fasting during Navratri which provides us bliss and enjoyment to make it simpler. The best part about fasting during Navratri is that it helps in decreasing unwanted stress in the mind that we go through and also decreases the amount of restlessness that we suffer from almost every day. Besides this it is also the perfect time to create more awareness and joy within ourselves and also spread the same joy among others.

Why fast during Navratri

We have today described below all the dynamics of fasting especially during Navratri.

As Said by Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that individuals generally tend to fast not just to please the divine but in fact to help in cleansing our body and detoxifying it.

If Ayurveda is to be believed then let us tell you that fasting helps in improving our digestive system. Fasting helps in increasing the digestive fire which eliminates unwanted toxins and impurities from the body. When these unwanted toxins are flushed out of the body it helps us become more calm and energetic. It also helps in improving our overall stamina and reduces the amount of lethargy that we feel. To put it very simply fasting helps in rejuvenating all the cells of the body. For this reason fasting in Navratri is also considered as an effective therapy which can help in cleaning our body from all the impurities. Also when a body is clean and mind with comes calmer and peaceful as it has a deep connection between our body and mind.

Here are some other changes of fasting during Navratri

It improves our overall immune system

Generally the problem with most of us is that we don’t actually wait till we are hungry. When we feel hunger it is a way of communication where our body tells us that our digestive system is now ready to digest the food that we consume. However when you consume food even before you are hungry it weakens our entire digestive system. Not only this, it also led to problems such as stress and weak immune power. Fasting in Navratri can help in eliminating all these unwanted concerns and improve our overall immune system.

Better meditation with Navratri fast

You must know that now rather is a festival where you need to spend time with yourself. This means that you should focus on things such as meditating and connecting with yourself. As fasting will help in decreasing the stressful restlessness that you go through, it becomes much easier for you to meditate. Also make sure you consume enough fresh fruit throughout the day in order to keep you energized. 

Also when you meditate and fast both at the same time it helps in improving the quality and positivity of your thoughts. This means that it helps in making your mind more peaceful and also at the same time alert. When you fast and meditate at the same time it makes sure that only positive intentions run through your mind and that you are thinking capacity becomes more powerful. Besides this it will also make your body feel a lot lighter and at the same time energetic. Fasting and meditating during Navratri will make your efficiency levels higher and will help you achieve everyday tasks with more quality.

However before you decide to fast during the month of September and October especially during Navratri you must consult with your dietician or doctor about the same. This is so because fasting is not always recommended for everybody particularly if you suffer from any health issues such as hypertension, depression, diabetes or even a high blood pressure. You can also consult some of the Ayurvedic doctors in your area before you embark on your Navratri fast. Also everybody should understand that they must pass only if they are comfortable while doing so and do not fall sick.

We do not recommend crash dieting or crash fasts during the Navratri period at is it will make you weaker and affect your immune system.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow especially when fasting during Navratri.

Following this dietary precautions will ensure that you maintain your health and wellness and that your Navratri fast helps in improving your immune system. Read below to know more about these and helpful tips:

Stay hydrated

One of the most important things that you need to remember during this fasting season is that dehydration is something you should never experience. You want your body to function properly throughout the nine days of Navratri and to ensure that you do not drain during the Navratri festivities, you must always maintain your hydration level. We recommend that you drink a lot of water which will also help in detoxifying your body. You can also consume liquids such as coconut water, milk and other fruit juices.

Eat after regular intervals

Another important tip to remember when you are fasting is that you need to eat after regular intervals. We never recommend anybody to go on a crash fast without consuming any essential food items. Make sure that you eat in small portions and keep consuming a lot of fruits throughout the day.

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Avoid packaged food

Consuming packaged food or items is a big no-no during your Navratri Vrat or fast. We recommend that you avoid unwanted namkeens and chips and rather opt for something healthy. After all, the basic purpose of fasting during Navratri is to detoxify your body and consuming these foods will never help you achieve your objective during the nine holy days of Navratri.

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