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SUMMER is here and with it the searing hot sun, ready to suck the life out of your beautiful skin. Skin troubles during summer shoot up drastically. This is why sunscreen is essential to protect your skin.

Although sunscreen is important at all times and not just summer. This is because the harsh rays of the sun have no season. They appear throughout the year. But summer is definitely the one time when you cannot afford to miss it.

Sunscreens protect us against the harmful radiation of the Ultraviolet or UV rays of the sun. They comes as lotions, gels, sprays and even foam sticks and are made with a perfect blend of several ingredients for the best effect on your skin.

harmful sun effects

The fraction of sunburn producing UV rays that reach the skin are measured with the Sun Protection Factor or SPF which is marked on the body of the sunscreen.


Simply put, sunscreen protects our skin. They block harmful UV rays from reaching the skin by either absorbing it or reflecting it back. Using sunscreen on a daily basis is very crucial.

The UV rays of the sun and harmful and cause a lot of issues when they penetrate the dermis layer of the skin through the epidermal layer. They add to the production of a pigment called melanin which is what makes our skin tan. Wrinkles, fine lines and ageing faster are also some of the common results of the pigment.

The biggest scare of UV rays, however, is the fact that these rays can increase the chances of Skin Cancer.

Sunscreen has various benefits like it prevents ageing, lowers the risk of skin cancer, lowers blotchiness from the face, and prevents tanning & sunburns.

Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step out in the sun and keep reapplying frequently throughout the day for best results.

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