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Precautions to take during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most special phase in every woman’s life. It is a huge life-turner especially for a mother. While one is overwhelmed with the happiness of being pregnant and having a baby, one also needs to be extremely cautions and needs to make some serious changes in lifestyles and habits to ensure a healthy pregnancy for the baby and for the mother too. The first few or to be precise three months of pregnancy are the most crucial and vital stages in a child’s development as this is the period when the baby’s organs actually start to develop. Hence, one needs to be careful while eating food, consuming drugs. Consumption of alcohol & tobacco too is injurious to the health and its consumption in any form is strictly prohibited. With the help of the best doctors, we at Being Positive have compiled a list of some of the necessary precautions pregnant women need to take to ensure a safe & healthy delivery without any complications. Read below to know more:

Eat more fish

Seafood and fish are an amazing source of nutrients and comprise of a healthy diet. They are full of low fat nutrients and thus need to be added in your diet if you are expecting. However, for pregnant women it is very important to choose the right fish. This is because many fishes today contain high levels of mercury which can be injurious to the health. Hence make sure to choose wisely. Also it is advised to pregnant women to eat about 12 ounces of cooked/steamed fish in a week & not more than that. Fishes like sharks, swordfish etc. are advised not to eat. Canned fish consumption or tuna fish’s consumption should not be more than once a week.

No alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption during and post pregnancy for a certain period of time needs to be avoided. It can cause severe complications during child birth. Some negative effects of alcohol consumption include having learning issues, abnormal facial features, and slow growth. Most of these deformities do not have any cure and hence alcohol consumption during pregnancies is a big no-no! You also need to look into certain medications that contain alcohol. Never purchase the over-the counter medications without consulting your gynecologist. Ask your doctor which products or medicines you should consume.

Important note: Always check the label of the drugs for ingredients before consuming any.

Avoid consumption of caffeine

Caffeine can have different effects on different people. It can cause anxiety, nervousness and also irregular heartbeats. Most importantly it can affect your sleep and hence doctors advice pregnant women to restrict their alcohol consumption. As per many studies it has be suggested that those who consume caffeine during pregnancy can face severe complications during child birth and babies can be born with certain defects too. 

We hope this article helps all expecting mothers to make healthy & better choices. Dr Madhu Goel is a renowned Senior Consultant Obstetrician and best Gynecologist in South Delhi and Associate Director at Fortis La Femme, Greater Kailash part 2. She has her private clinic at M 179 greater Kailash part 2.

To know more you can also watch our video that describes about tips to take during pregnancy:

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