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It is the time of the year when colours are brought out and we play, bathing others in different colours. Holi is a festival full of fun and while you enjoy it, here are some tips to take care of your body.

1. The first and most important thing to do is apply a layer of coconut oil or olive oil on your body. You can also apply a very thick layer of cold cream – although it won’t protect you as well as oil. Apply a thick layer of sunscreen on your face. For your lips apply a lip balm with SPF.

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2. No matter how much you try, your hair is going to become an unfortunate victim of the festival. If you love your hair and wish to protect it, this is what you can do: Before the festival, shampoo and condition them well to remove any dirt that is already there, Oil your hair really well and tie it up in a bun. If you have short hair, apply a layer of hair gel. This way colours are not easily absorbed into your hair. You can tie a scarf around for additional security.

3. Cover up really well. Whatever you decide to wear from your old clothes, make sure that it covers as much as possible. The lesser skin exposed, the more it is protected. Try to avoid shorts and sleeveless tops during the festival.

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4. Apply Make-up! Yes, even for boys. Apply a layer of waterproof base on your face and neck. This will ensure that the colours do not stick to the skin.

5. No one likes their nails to remain coloured but that is exactly what will happen if you don’t do this – Soak your cuticles in oil. This way your nails do not soak up any colour. Then, use a thick coat of transparent nail paint and put Vaseline under the edges of your nails.


6. Keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration causes your skin to dry, this will let the colour seep into the skin. So, keep drinking water or juices throughout the day. Don’t shy away from a bit of glucose, should the need arise.

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