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Reasons why you should never hold a sneeze

A sneeze can be quite disturbing. Nobody likes sneezing in public or when present at a particular occasion. Also many times it is worst of the times when we get an urge to sneeze say during a movie, in an elevator full of people, in a meeting or right when you have sat to eat a meal with your colleagues. Worst thing is when certain individual tend to sneeze quite loudly. These are some awkward situations when one doesn’t actually prefer to sneeze and that’s when we try to hold onto our sneeze! Little do we know but sneezing does have a number of side-effects attached to it. Don’t believe us? Read below about sneezing and what the doctors have to say about holding onto a sneeze!


Sneezing is a kind of physiological reflex that generally takes place when an individual accidentally breathes in an irritating substance or even particles. These particles then go through your nostrils and from there in the lining of the nose. This is what causes one to sneeze. The irritating substance could be anything. It could be dust, dirt or even any type of spices that at times cause excessive irritation to the nose. A sneeze occurs when your brain is a given a signal. This causes your throat to activate its muscles and signals your lungs to release a lot of air through your windpipe.

Now while many people find it quite okay to sneeze when in public, there are a lot of reasons attached as to why you should not consider doing so. Read below to know more!

The pressure generated when one is about to sneeze has to go somewhere! When you try to block a sneeze by keeping your mouth or your nose closed or packed, the pressure that is generated tends to move back again into your head, nose or even back in your chest, as suggested by the doctors in the hospitals. So when you try to suppress a sneeze, the intensity of the pressure is more than 20 times of that of a normal sneeze. This can cause you real damage and have a negative effect on your health!


The pressure that you are trying to hold in can be quite dangerous. It can cause various negative effects too. For instance when you hold a sneeze the pressure can travel to the Eustachian tubes which can damage your ears! This can at times be very severe and cause even permanent hearing damage to your ears. 

At times a sneeze can also cause a blood vessel in the eye to pop which can damage your eyes too. Also at times there is also a possibility of artery wall weakening that creates or causes a bulge.

You might not know but there are many people who are at a risk of suffering through various other problems like sinus or neck or chest injury.


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