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Signs and symptoms of liver cancer that you need to know

Cancer is amongst one of the fast spreading illnesses of all time. Many people across the globe are detected this deadly form of disease every day. The worst part about cancer is that most of the times it goes unnoticed and is not generally detected at the early stage. Liver cancer is one such form of cancer that does not get detected easily. You can term this form of cancer as a silent killer as well. This is because human liver tends to function normally even when effected by certain disease. Doctors in India recommend that although, liver cancer is quite difficult to detect at an early stage, it can be identified if one pays attention to certain signs and symptoms that start showing over a period of time. We have listed down some common symptoms and signs of liver cancer. Read below to know more:


Sudden weight loss

While we all love to see the weighing machine showing lesser figures, it may not be something that you should cherish if you notice a sudden loss of weight from your body. In case you if you have been eating well and aren’t stressed and still tend to notice a sudden loss in your weight, keep in mind that it may be an early symptom of liver cancer. This type of weight loss is also accomplished when one feels nauseated and or has a sudden loss in his or her appetite. Look out for any such strange symptoms and if you find any and notice that the weight is still dropping despite some common remedies, it is an alarm that you need to visit the doctor.


Bigger liver

Liver is one of the largest and biggest organ in your body that is present towards the right side of your abdomen. Being the largest organ on your body means that you can easily feel if any enlargement of the liver is done. Bumps or swelling too can be easily felt and hence an enlarged liver is probably the easiest way to identify if you have any symptoms of liver cancer. It may or may not be a symptom, however if it is please get it treated soon.


Pain towards the right side of abdomen

You are most likely to undergo a pain towards the right side of your abdomen if you are suffering from liver cancer. However, please note that during the early stages of liver cancer there would be hardly any pain that you would notice or identify. Your shoulder blades too can undergo some pain regarding the same. This pain is generally also accompanied by hiccups. The pain may come and go after regular interval intervals. You may feel an excessive pain sometimes. In other cases, the pain could be very mild. Do not avoid any such symptom and visit your doctor at the earliest.

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