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Signs you suffer from a kidney disease

There has been an alarming increase in the number of people suffering from kidney diseases in India. You need to understand that chronic kidney disease can have a very negative impact on your overall health. In worst cases, it can also cause ailments that can make you suffer for your entire life. For this reason it is extremely important that you are well aware about the various signs and symptoms of a kidney disease. The problem with kidney disease is that many a times we do not realize that we are suffering from this ailment and hence we tend to ignore the problem. Eventually this ignorance leads to serious problems such as kidney failure. 

And while one of the easiest ways to identify if you suffer from kidney disease or kidney failure is by getting tested, there are also certain various signs and symptoms that can help you identify the problem at an early stage. Identifying a problem like this at an early stage is always beneficial to your health as it all helps in improving and treating the problem quickly. However for those people who belong to an elder age group we always recommend to immediately get tested on a timely basis for any kind of kidney disease. This is so because when you belong to an elder age group your immunity power is not as it was previously. Hence for this reason it is important that you immediately visit your nearby hospital or doctor to identify the problem.

Kidney disease especially a chronic kidney ailment can cause excessive amount of impurities in your body and your blood. For this reason it is very much likely that you are more probable to fall sick and feel weak. This makes performing everyday tasks difficult and also affects your concentration level.

We today have listed down some of the common symptoms and signs of kidney disease that can help you diagnose the problem better. Read below to know more about it:

Lack of sleep

This is probably one of the most common signs of kidney disease that is faced by those who suffer from kidney related diseases. Generally when your kidneys aren’t functioning properly, the toxic materials tend to stay longer in your blood. This material gets stuck in your blood and does not pass through your urine. As a result of this, many people face problems such as lack of sleep.  

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Dry skin

Another common symptom of kidney related diseases is when you suffer from problems such as extremely dry or itchy skin. This is so because when your kidneys are in a healthy stage they ensure that you lead a healthy life and also a healthy body. This means that your kidneys in a way also protect your overall skin. On the other hand when the functioning of the normal functioning of your kidneys is affected it can cause various problems related to the skin. One of this is when you suffer from skin related problems. They generally occurs when your skin lacks essential vitamins and minerals. As a result of this it can have a negative impact on your skin and make it look extremely dry.

You tend to urinate more 

This is another common sign of a kidney failure. When you tend to urinate more than you think it is identified as another common sign of kidney failure. This is so because the filters that are present in your kidney get easily damaged and hence you are you urinate a lot more than often. In many cases people also suffer from problems such as urine infections as a result of often urination. 

Blood in the urine

As explained earlier, a healthy kidney will ensure restoring the blood cells in your body. It also ensures that all the other toxins or impurities are flushed out of your body effectively. However this is not a case for those individuals who suffer from problems such as a weak kidney. Those who suffer from a problem like this tend to face the problems such as passing of blood in urine. It generally tends to occur when your blood cells start leaking out of your urine.

Shortness of breath

This generally happens as it can be directly related to the health of your kidneys in two ways. First is when excessive amount of fluid gets built up in your lungs and second is when you suffer from a condition like anemia that leaves your body starving of oxygen and hence you feel short of breath. A symptom like this can be accompanied by problems like feeling bloated, no balance of your body and a sensation of drowning.

Lack of concentration

When you suffer from kidney failure your brain does not receive ample amount of oxygen that is required for its proper functioning. As a result of this it is possible that you may suffer from issues like remembering re-collecting certain things and have trouble in concentrating even in your daily activities.

Swollen face

This symptom is also quite noticeable, especially at an early stage. This usually occurs as a result of the excessive amount of fluid that gets built up in your body, causing your face and eyes appear swollen & puffy. It can also cause your body to bloat & increase your body weight. 

Upset stomach

This too occurs as a result of all the unwanted waste that gets built up in your body. As a result of this, an individual suffering from a kidney related problem can feel nauseated, sick & may also vomit often. This side-effect may in many cases also cause loss of appetite. 

We hope this article was a good read for you. These signs of kidney disease should at no cost be ignored and if you have been noticing any of these symptoms, we recommend that you immediately visit your doctor for a consultation & get tested. Stay Tuned with us for more health related updates.

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