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Signs & symptoms of mental illness in kids

Not a lot of people know but mental illness is just as common as it is in kids. In fact it is a silent killer disease in kids that affects their self-confidence and morality! Mental illness like anxiety or depression in kids can affect their physical health too. It impacts their social life, interactions and educational performances also. For this reason, it is important for parents to take an active part in their child’s life. It is important to also visit doctors or pediatricians on a regular basis to understand what your child has been up to. Most importantly it is vital for parents to spend time with their children to what they have been up to.

Proper communication with kids is extremely important if parents want a good life for their kids. They are many incidents in the adolescent age that can have a negative impact on a kid’s mental health! As parents is important to understand certain signs and symptoms that can help children. 

There are a lot of disorders that can cause mental ailments in kids. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, autism are a few to name. We spoke to the best doctors and consultants and created a list of some of the common signs of mental illness in kids. Take a look below to read more in detail. 

Change in mood

Changes in your child’s mood is one the most vital sign to look out for if you feel he or she is suffering from a mental illness. These can also be mood swings where at one instance your child happy while other times getting angry or sad and doesn’t communicate properly. These can either be due to strained relationships at home or in school.

Getting intense feelings

If your little one suddenly feels an amount of intense or overwhelming feelings or suffers from heart pounding or fast paced breathing even while doing daily chores, it is a sign or mental illness.

Behavioral changes

These can be strong and sudden changes in your child’s personality & at times the behavior can be beyond control. If your child fights quite often or hurts himself or those around him, it is a sign of mental illness.

Lack of concentration

Lack of concentration too is a sign to look out for in your child. If he or she cannot focus on studies, play, or even pay heed to basic things, its time you visit a doctor & get him or her tested.

Sudden loss of weight

Sudden or unexplained weight loss due to loss of appetite or constant vomiting can be an indicator that you child suffers from eating disorder and needs appropriate treatment.


Many a time’s children who suffer from mental illness tend to harm themselves. This can be banging their own head, slitting or cutting themselves or even burning. Some children also consume drugs or alcohol to deal with their sickness.

Visit the finest doctors, consultants or psychiatrists if your child too, suffers from an ailment like this.

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