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“Of course, I know how to apply sunscreen!”

That’s what you think. Applying sunscreen isn’t just about getting it out and rubbing it all over yourself. There’s much more to it. This is because, sunscreen is inadvertently a skin product – and you don’t want to ruin your skin do you?


Summer is coming. You better be ready with your sunscreen. Your skin needs it!

  1. Sunscreen isn’t a onetime thing. You have to keep reapplying it throughout the day. Sunscreen doesn’t last all day – dust, sweat, friction etc. is bound to wipe it all away.
    So reapply sunscreen every 4-6 hours or if you’re sweating excessively, wash your face and reapply!
  2. Pick the right sunscreen – the ideal sunscreen should have the word broad spectrum on it – This protects your skin for both the UV A and UV B sun rays. Choose a higher SPF for better protection. This will reduce the damage that the rays cause to your skin and also protects you from skin cancer.
  3. Apply Sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step out into the sun for proper protection against the UV rays. This is because skin needs time to absorb the sunscreen. Putting it too last minute isn’t going to do you any good. Apply it amply everywhere, including the neck, lips and ears. For the lips, you can use a lip balm that comes with SPF.
  4. You apply sunscreen generally when you’re stepping out for a long time. But even walking to open the gate outside from your door is enough to have an effect. Even a few minutes of direct contact with sun is more than enough for your skin to get damaged. So, apply sunscreen even when you are indoors just in case you have to head out in a short notice.

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