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How To Make Homemade Facial Pack To Get Glowing Skin In Summer

Fruit facial pack is a very natural and effective way of keeping the skin glowing, we will be giving you a very nice remedy for your face to keep it nourished and glowing during summer. This is a very simple, effective and healthy facial which helps to enrich the beauty of your skin . The method is to mix basil leaves with lemon and apply it on the skin and massage it gently, leave it for sometime. Then apply a smoothy made of papaya and its peel on the face and leave it for 25 minutes, massage it after 25 minutes using the tip of your fingers in a gentle manner. This massage is very effective as the juices from lemon, basil leaves , papaya and papaya peel is absorbed by the face and nourishes it in a very effective manner. After washing your face apply rose water on your face, you will feel really fresh after this therapy and believe us you will feel like using this remedy on a frequent basis because of the results you have got. We recommend you to do this facial thrice a week, the reason why we suggest this therapy thrice a week is because this this not a just a massage but a therapy that allows an important tonic made of lemon, basil leaves  , papaya and papaya peel which is very healthy and helps in increasing and maintaining the glow and charm of the skin. You will be able to see the difference in the texture of the skin very evidently if you use this facial pack thrice a week as we are recommending it.

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