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Traditionally, flowers were used to make colors but now they have been replaced with artificial colors that contain harmful chemicals, and can result in itching, dryness, erosion of skin and other harmful effects. Thus, it is very important to take care of your skin post Holi. Once the festivities are over, instead of spending hours in the shower, use these methods for easy removal of colours:

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  1. The colours are easier removed when they are still wet than after they dry. So, after a playful session, try to wash off as quickly as possible.
  2. Apply a soap that doesn’t get the body to dry with lukewarm water which has a drop of bay oil added on to it.
  3. It is likely that the colours will not come off easily. If so, do not rub too hard avoid scrubbing the face again and again as this could lead to dry and peeling skin.
  4. If the colours prevail, you can use curd to soften the body and hair. After washing off, you can apply a layer of home-made mixtures like a paste of milk and turmeric if you have sensitive skin. A paste made of fuller’s earth and sandalwood also helps. These will moisturize the skin too. A mixture of Besan and milk is a good option to remove the last traces of colour from the body.
  5. If you suffer from Acne, wash your face with an antibiotic face wash and avoid putting anything else on it.
  6. Post bath, Moisturize from head to toe, thoroughly. A moisturizer containing Aloe-Vera is ideal to use but you can use any good moisturizer.
  7. Don’t opt for spa or salon treatments like a facial, scrubbing or more. This will cause more irritation and colours will seep deeper into your skin instead of coming off.

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