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Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin In Winters

Winters spell disaster for the skin. With excessive dryness comes its share of skin problems. The dryness wipes the moisture away from the skin and can lead to cracking, chapping of skin and in extreme cases bleeding.

To maintain a healthy moisturized glowing skin following skin rituals during winters are must:


  1. Cleansing – Don’t wash your fact with hot water, instead wash with lukewarm water and moisturize immediately afterwards, it helps in retaining and sealing the moisture of the skin


  1. Exfoliate – Very important for moisturizers to be absorbed in the skin. Find a good exfoliation cream/masks/bodywashes for hands, feet and face for removing the dead skin that accumulates


  1. Hydrate and Moisturize
    1. Skin by using moisturizers as frequently as possible – choose smartly – moisturizers with petroleum based products are more harmful. Go for oil based rather than water based solution. Overnight hydration is very important especially of face, hands, feet.
    2. Drink plenty of water – during winters our water intake goes down, we can replace hot teas and coffees with lukewarm water with lemon
    3. Eating right food with high water content like watermelon, oranges, kiwis etc. Fruits that are good source of Vitamin C and zinc as these help production of collagen and elastin
    4. Do not sit in dry warm places, install humidifiers in your office and homes


  1. Protect – avoid going out in windy weather, if it is important then cover yourself up, wear hand gloves, scraves etc. Sunscreen is a must.


  1. Protect Skin- with the skin becoming dry, it becomes more fragile and prone to may skin infections and allergies. It is always advisable to avoid allergens like fine dust, wool dust, carpet and bed mites etc during winters.


  1. Do not use face wipes instead opt for a mild hyderating cleanser


Move to a healthy glowing youthful skin this winter!



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