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Tips to get rid of loose skin

Loose or saggy skin can be quite frustrating. It can also hamper an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem when interacting or socializing with other people. Besides this, once you have developed lose skin it becomes quite difficult to reverse the problem. There are various causes of lose or saggy skin some of them include excessive weight loss, pregnancy or other effects of ageing. Some of the common areas where individuals experience lose skin are stomach, face, buttocks and arms.

While it is possible to improve loose skin by firming it with the help of cosmetic surgeries there are also different options available if you wish to avoid such medical procedures. Options include the following:


The best way to deal with decreasing the appearance of loose skin is muscle building with the help of weight training. This is especially effective if your loose skin is a result of excessive weight loss. When excess fat distends the skin for a longer duration your skin lose its ability to shrink along with weight loss. When this happens you need to work out so that you can replace the fat loss with muscle mass which can help in decreasing the appearance of loose skin. However if you are facing problems like loose skin due to a recent pregnancy we recommend that you first consult your gynecologist or your physician before exercising as there are certain exercises that you need to avoid post pregnancy. 

Firming creams

While it is true that the results that you can get through firming cream are quite subtle they can surely help in improving the appearance of your loose skin. They are particularly helpful if your skin is in need of hydration. Generally with firming creams you will often see results that are immediate but however these do not long for a longer duration. We recommend that you choose a firming cream that contains a product called as retinoid as it can help in preventing free radical damage in the skin which negatively affects the production of collagen in the skin.

Massaging the loose in area

When you massage the loose skin it can help in improving the blood flow and at the same time in conjunction for an anti-ageing response. There have been studies that have proven that massaging on the loose skin is far more effective than using anti-ageing skin creams. Doctors are dermatologist hence recommend regular massage with a helper for hand operated massage tool that can improve the positive effects of the cream that you are using. Besides this, you can also use salt or sugar to scrub on your skin which will also help in improving the blood flow. 

Cosmetic procedures

While the above listed ways can be helpful in decreasing the effects of loose skin there are certain cosmetic procedures that can also be very effective. We have listed down some of them

  • Chemical peels

Chemical peels generally remove the outer layer of your old skin which can help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face and on your neck. Once your old skin peels off, the new skin which is underneath generally looks less wrinkled and smoother.

  • Ultrasound skin tightening 

 The ultrasound skin tightening procedure it is used in order to stimulate collagen production in your skin. This procedure focuses on transmitting ultrasound energy through your skins surface and heats the deeper layers to heal the wrinkled or saggy skin.

 For more tips on treating loose skin check out our video:

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