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Symptoms & precautions for Liver Cancer

One of the worst disease prevalent today in society is cancer. This gruesome and fatal ailment has been a fast spreading ailment of all times. Not only this, every day thousands of people from around the world have been diagnosed with this deadly disease.

An unfortunate fact about cancer is that many a times this disease goes unnoticed as most of us are unaware about the symptoms of liver cancer and early signs of cancer. Worst part about cancer is that it is not detected at a very early stage in most cases.

Symptoms of Liver Cancer:

A gruesome ailment

One such form of cancer is liver cancer. It is the type of cancer that begins with the cells that are present in your liver. Some of them are hepatocellular carcinoma & hepatoblastoma.

Worst part about liver cancer is that it spreads easily throughout your body and can affect other organs such as your lungs or breast.

To help you stay protected and immune from this type of cancer, we have today listed down some of the common symptoms and effective measures that can help in preventing liver cancer. Read below to know more about it:

If you notice sudden loss of weight

While you may be quite happy to see the sudden loss of weight on the weighing scale, let us tell you that sudden loss of weight is never healthy and that it is important to identify the true cause behind it. While loss of weight may not necessarily be due to liver cancer, is always better to get tested. If you have noticed any such strange symptoms of liver cancer make sure that you immediately visit your doctor for a full body checkup.

Swollen liver

Liver is not only one of the largest organs of your body but is also one of the most important organs of your body that ensures proper functioning of your immune system. Also this means that in case if your liver gets swollen or enlarged it is quite easy to notice so through the swelling or bumps that are created due to this condition.

If you notice any such symptoms of liver cancer make sure you get it treated as soon as possible with the best liver specialist in delhi.

Pain in abdomen

Those individuals who have suffered from liver cancer always complain about tremendous pain towards the right side of their abdomen. Although this is not the case generally during any early stages of liver cancer and hence it may be difficult to identify for you. Other body areas where you my notice pain include your shoulder blades. Many a times those suffering from this pain also encounter uncontrollable hiccups. This pain may not stay for a longer period but may repeat after regular intervals. If you have been noticing any such pain in abdomen such symptoms of liver cancer it could be a sign of liver cancer and it is important to make a visit to your doctor. 

Here are some preventive measures to keep in mind:

Limit your consumption of alcohol

Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health and is not only responsible for causing liver cancer but is also responsible for causing various other diseases. While doctors will always recommend you to completely stop consumption of alcohol, if you cannot stop the consumption completely it is important that you limit its intake. It has been suggested that both men and women should not consume more than one drink in a day.

Manage your weight

Managing weight also plays an important role in avoiding problems such as liver cancer. Try to maintain your weight by following a healthy diet and working out regularly. Also if you want to lose some weight it is important that you control your diet and limit the consumption of calories that you eat on a daily basis. Make sure that you aim to lose weight slowly every week.

Get vaccinated

There are certain vaccinations that you need to take on a timely basis in order to avoid ailments such as liver cancer. These include vaccination of hepatitis B. The vaccination can be given to anybody right from children to adults & also to those who have a weaker immune system.

Prevent hepatitis C

There is no particular vaccine available for hepatitis C however there are certain measures that you can undertake in order to decrease the risk of this infection. This includes:

  • Understanding the health status of your sexual partner

You should never engage in any kind of unprotected sex with your partner until and unless you are sure that he or she is not infected with Viruses such as HBV & HCV.

  • Do not consume harmful drugs

You should at no cost consume any kind of illegal drugs that require injecting into your body. However if you have been prescribed any particular drug by your doctor make sure that you use a clean needle and sterilize it properly after every use.

  • Take proper precautions when piercing or getting a tattoo done

One of the common causes of hepatitis C is due to unsterilized & unclean needles that are injected in individual’s bodies. For this reason make sure that before getting a tattoo or piercing done check out a clean and hygienic shop and investigate properly about the history of the store. If the employees refused to use clean and hygienic equipment and needles make sure that you do not undergo any kind of treatment there.

  • Visit your doctor for liver cancer screening

While it is true that liver cancer screening is not generally recommended by many doctors, it may not be necessarily applied to those individuals suffering from hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection. Make sure that you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing a liver cancer screening with your doctor and decide whether it is right for you or not. The screening generally involves undergoing a blood test and undergoing an abdominal ultrasound exam after every six months.

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