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Tips to cure migraine

If you are someone suffering from migraine you might be familiar with the sudden attacks that you get for no reason. Migraine pain is generally triggered due to no specific reason. One usually tends to try multiple remedies and yet suffers from the frequent pain. The pain caused due to migraine can be anything between mild or severe. While painkillers can help in easing the pain it is generally temporary and tends to return once the effect of medications go away. But beyond taking these medications you also need to rely upon certain home remedies and solely relying upon migraine medications can never offer you complete rest or ease from the pain you suffer. Besides this, taking medications quite often is also not a healthy option and hence you need try some effective home remedies. We have listed down some effective remedies or tips, suggested by the doctors that can help in easing the pain and relaxing and easing your pain. Read below to know more:


Rest in a calm atmosphere with no light

This tip can be highly effective in easing and decreasing the migraine pain. This is because many individuals who suffer from migraine suggest that they are sensitive to too much exposure of light and sound. For this reason, resting in a room with darkness and no noise can ease the pain. This can help in giving you a sound sleep as well and ease your pain. However, one needs to note that migraine may not disappear even after a god sleep in certain cases.


Use a hot or cold compress

As per doctors placing a hot or cold compress across your forehead can help in easing the migraine pain. You can also place the compress at the back of your neck. Most people who suffer from migraine prefer a cold compress over a hot one as cold water or ice can have a numbing effect and can thus decrease the migraine pain. Warm compress too can be helpful in certain cases as it helps in relaxing the muscles.



This is probably one of the most effective tips to try for those who suffer from migraine problem. A detachment from the outside world, worries and a mindful meditation for a while is all you need to ease that pain. For those who generally suffer from chronic migraine pain, this tip is highly effective. Meditation can help in distracting you from the pain and thus is highly effective in treating the headache. 

Drink lots of water

Not many people know, but dehydration can be often cause of the constant migraine pain you suffer from. Restoring your body’s water balance is very crucial if you suffer from constant migraine. You can add a lemon slice and some salt to make it taste better and to consume more water. Also limit your caffeine intake.


To know more about tips or medications that can cure migraine visit the nearby clinics or hospitals in your vicinity.


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