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Tips to follow to tackle the October heat

Seems like this year the October heat has paired up with monsoon rains in most states of India. And while the fun rainy days have passed as it is now time to bear the brunt of the October heat that too with some unpleasant rains.

It is time to tolerate the summer heat all over again. During the months of October and November the sun tends to move towards the south. This causes weakening of the monsoon winds which begin to withdraw gradually. During the months of October the temperature is extremely high throughout the day whereas the nights are relatively cooler. However most of the day that we spend outside our houses we have to bear the humidity and moist air. This is probably the time of the year when weather becomes very oppressive and is famously known as the October heat. However, there are certain factors that you can keep in mind in order to get some relief in the month of October. We have listed below some important tips that can help you tackle the unbearable October heat. 

Make sure you carry a bottle of water and umbrella always with you

We are sure you are well aware about the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day. However staying hydrated becomes a necessity particularly in the hot months. Not only does water help in keeping you hydrated all day long but it also has a very positive impact on your skin. Your skin is the most affected part of your body during the October heat and it is important to drink enough water to ensure it stays healthy. Besides this, drinking water can also help in beating the heat internally.

If you are planning to go out outdoors for a long period of time, we highly recommend that you carry an umbrella along with you in order to keep you protected from the scorching heat. This will also help in avoiding problems such as skin tanning.

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Eat a lot of healthy food

During the month of October, doctors always recommend their patients to consume food which is cooked. This is so because raw cooked food comprises of a lot of germs which can cause diseases particularly in the month of October. Also doctors r& dieticians recommend us to avoid a lot of oily food. Street food or street drinks should also be avoided during this month as it can cause various diseases.

You need to be physically active

While it is true that summer heat makes us lazier and we tend to neglect our everyday routine of exercising, you always need to remember that physical exercise can help in keeping you healthy in the month of October. We recommend that you go for a walk early in the morning or late during the evening time in order to avoid the scorching heat outside. If you do not prefer working out outdoors especially during the month of October you could probably indulge in some other exercises such as aerobics or yoga at home. You can also join a gym near your household or office area to keep you physically active. Also a best way to ditch the October heat is by going for a swim during the early hours or late in the evening.

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 Use a lot of sunscreen

You must be well aware about the importance of using sunscreen to keep your skin healthy however it’s importance all the more rises particularly in the month of October. We recommend that you visit your dermatologist and ask for a sunscreen that will suit your skin particularly in this weather. It is important that you use a sunscreen every day irrespective of whether you are going to travel outside or not. Also before applying your sunscreen make sure that you also follow your everyday beauty regime of using your cleanser toner and moisturizer for a healthy looking skin. This is so because in the hottest season your skin would require a proper beauty regime.

Take care of your hair

Along with the October heat you will also have to bear the torture of various hair problems right from brittle hair or split ends. For this reason it becomes all the more important for you to take good care of your hair during the month of October. The best way to do so is by getting a nice haircut especially in the hot weather. If you are someone who travels outdoors a lot we would recommend that you get a nice short and funky haircut. However if you don’t want to cut your hair short make sure that you at least trim them particularly in the month of October in order to avoid problems such split ends. Another alternative to stay cool during this month is to wash your hair with cool water instead of hot water. 

Wear the right kind of clothes

While a lot is often spoken about skin care and hair care little do we know that wearing the right kind of clothes in the month of October is also very important. In order to beat the October heat, the make sure that you wear clothes that are light colored and lose. This is so because light color clothes help and reflecting the Suns heat. You can also opt for shorts or skirts as a motto only look great but will also make you feel good during the scorching heat.

Apply less make up

While most of us love to experiment with the make-up looks every other day you must understand that October is the time when you have to play safe and apply minimal make-up. We recommend that you apply a light foundation and a nice lip-gloss for your every day outing. However if you are someone who doesn’t step out of the house without applying makeup we recommend that you use certain warm or nude shades. Applying too much make up can make your face appear cakey and dull during the October month.

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