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Ways in which teachers can calm a child suffering from anxiety

Anxiety is considered as one of the most common mental ailment suffered by children. In fact as per a recent research it was stated that about 10% of children are affected with mild forms of mental related ailments while 2% of children suffer from extreme problems. So as a teacher if you are someone who has already come across any such student in the classroom suffering from anxiety or stress it is important to take extra care of that child and calm him or her down. 

Some of the common signs of anxiety in a classroom can be restlessness of a child, frequent absenteeism, and difficulty in answering questions or paying attention or even difficulty in socializing with other classmates. Students who suffer from such problems generally have a difficulty in achieving success in their academy career. However with proper guidance and support of a teacher this barrier can be easily overcome. We have listed down some tips that can help in calming a child who suffers from anxiety, stress or depression. Read our blog below to know more:

Educate the students about anxiety 

As a teacher the first and the most important thing that you ought to do is educate your children about mental illness. You need to make them feel comfortable and understand and make them realize that they no longer have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their problem. Educate your students as to what anxiety is and at the same time teach them certain positive coping techniques that they can practice in order to feel better.

Check for any anxiety related symptoms

As a responsible teacher you first need to be aware about the signs and symptoms of anxiety in a child if any. You can create a checklist for the same to help and find out the level of stress your student is going through. Also make sure that you have a good discussion with the student’s parents and your school counsellor so that you can address the child’s concerns in a better way. 

Teach them meditation & deep breathing techniques 

If you have noticed any of your student suffering from anxiety let us tell you that deep breathing exercises can be of great benefit. This is so because the breathing exercises help in slowing down our brain and calming it. So instead of singling out a student who suffers from a mental problem like anxiety or depression you can instead get the whole class involved in the activity. It is an amazing exercise that will not only help in coping with anxiety but will also help in improving concentration level of all your children. 

Try to instill positive thinking

The best way to help your child calm down and tackle anxiety is to trigger a train of positive thoughts in his or mind. You can start the day by asking your students to prepare a list of things that they are grateful for. When a student feels overwhelmed with negative thoughts the best way to instill positivity in their minds is by prompting the student to reread his or her list.

We hope this blog helps you understand your students better!

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