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What are the causes of swelling in the feet? How to avoid it

In today’s time, the daily routine of people is causing swelling in their feet, to do too much manual labor or not to do physical work at all. In today’s time, people are going to make their bodies so dependent on things which can become a big problem for them in the coming time.

There are many types of swelling in the feet, it starts with your claw first, then it starts in the fingers. But some people have this problem starting from the toes to their claws, ankles and calves. It can also be a sign of some disease.

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What is feet swelling?

There are many problems in the human body, swelling of the feet is also a common problem. It is called edema in medical language. Some people have pain in the swelling of the feet, even when they use the stairs, while there are some people who feel a lot of pain in sitting with their feet. This happens because the blood flow in your feet decreases. After all, what causes swelling in the feet?

Causes of swelling in feet

Being overweight: People who have a lot of weight are more prone to this problem.

Too much walking: Some people walk too much, due to which their feet become swollen.

Sitting for a long time: Those who always get high, those people are more at risk of having this problem, so do some physical work.

Change in hormones: When there are hormonal changes in your body, your feet still start swelling.

Excess of protein in blood: This problem occurs with many people. This happens when he changes his eating habits.

Do not take the problem of sudden swelling in the feet lightly. This can cause many big problems for you. If this happens, you should consult a doctor immediately, as it can cause great harm to you.


Symptoms of swelling in feet

  • Skin lightening of feet
  • Pores on the skin
  • Tingling before swelling in the feet
  • Hand and neck neuralgia
  • Pain in body parts and joints
  • Feeling heavy feet
  • Change in foot size

Ways to Prevent swelling in feet

Ice Pack

This is one of the most effective remedies, but before doing so, consult your doctor, because doing so many times can harm that person. You will find ice packs easily in the market, otherwise you can take some snowflakes in the house and wrap it in a cloth and use it as an ice pack.

Rock salt

Rock salt has been used for a long time, doctors recommend it to most people. By using it, that person gets instant relief. When you heat water in a pot, add it called Sendha, after that when this water becomes slightly lukewarm, then make it compress.

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Keep weight under control

If you are overweight, it causes more pressure on your feet and this causes swelling in your feet, then you need to lose weight fast, for this you will have to control your eating habits. You will be able to lose weight.

Exercise every morning

When you exercise every day, it will keep your whole body healthy and by doing this, the pressure on the muscles of the body is reduced and at the same time they are able to do any work easily. If you want to avoid the problem of swelling in the feet, then you must do exercise or yoga.

Reduce salt intake

People who consume more salt in food are more at risk of swelling in the legs. Consuming too much salt is very harmful for a blood pressure patient.


If your feet are swollen, then to reduce it, you must heat mustard oil lightly, then massage with your hands. Apart from this, you can also resort to massage.

This problem occurs with many people in today’s time, to avoid it, you have to take care of yourself. Those who have these problems often should consult a doctor. Because every person has many problems due to this. Ignoring this can be a problem for them later.

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