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Why it is important to donate blood

Every year, June 14th is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day across the globe. While blood donation is a noble cause that can help in saving a life, many people are unaware about its importance and health benefits. Today we have listed some of the most important reasons as to why blood donation is vital for your health & well-being. There are many advantages associated with blood donation. We have listed some of them below.

It keeps your heart and liver healthy

Iron an important component of hemoglobin, plays a crucial role in our well-being & strong immune system. Lack of iron can lead to iron deficiency and other health related problems & hence doctors always recommend to consume foods that are rich in iron. Although maintaining a balance of your iron intake is vital as excessive consumption or intake can be harmful. This is why blood donation is important as it helps in maintaining stable iron levels in our heart, liver and pancreas. It can thus also help in decreasing your risk of heart diseases & cholesterol. healthy heart

Weight loss 

We are sure most of you might be happy to read about this. It is a fact that blood donation can actually help in burning nearly 600 calories. This means that you can reduce unwanted weight without any exercise or diet. However this is different from your daily exercise routine as blood donation is not an everyday activity. It is recommended to donate blood once every per quarter. In today’s time when most individuals are prone to problems such as having a heart attack or suffering from health issues such as obesity, blood donation can play an important part in your weight reduction cycle.weight loss

Reduces risk of suffering from health complications

As per many researches and studies it has been proven that those individuals belonging to the age group 43 to 61 suffered from fewer heart attacks and strokes because they donated blood every six months.

health complicationsYou feel the joy of saving a life

Remember that every time you decide to donate blood you are helping nearly 3 to 4 of the recipients who are in need of blood. When you volunteer to donate blood you significantly reduce the risk of mortality. This is probably one of the most wonderful feeling and an unselfish gift to give check up

A free health checkup

Before you donate blood, the concerned doctor or medical assistant will make sure that you undergo a proper health screening. This screening is performed under the expert guidance of a trained staff member from the blood donation camp or hospital. Blood Donors Making Donation In Hospital

A thorough health screening is conducted that checks your

  1. pulse
  2. blood pressure
  3. body temperature
  4. hemoglobin levels

This is a like a free mini-checkup for you. This check-up however can help you in receiving a detailed insight about your health & can detect health related problems. In some cases, it helps in diagnosing an underlying medical condition as well. This can help in decreasing risk factor of certain diseases. 

Besides these tests, the blood before being transfused is also checked for various other diseases. These can include:

  1. hepatitis B
  2. hepatitis C
  3. HIV
  4. syphilis

We hope this article was a good read for you! We hope this article motivates you to donate blood & save lives

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