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Tips to improve your heart health

One of the most important factors you need to keep in mind on World Hear Day is if you want to stay away from unwanted heart diseases is by making lifestyle changes. Making small changes plays a very important role in preventing heart diseases. Those patients who have previously survived problems such as a heart attack are generally told to alter their habits for a lifetime.

Your heart health matters

Some individuals easily make changes in their exercise patterns and every day diet. While on the other hand it is not that simple for the rest of us to always succeed. And in order to undertake a big makeover there are some small changes that you can start with. These small changes can also make a strong impact in improving your heart health. Once you adapt these changes you would in fact realize that changes are not that hard. Adapting these simple steps will also in motivating you to bring in some important & difficult changes in your lifestyle.

We have listed down some small steps that can improve your heart health.

Start by a 10 minute walk

Let us tell you that walking regularly is probably one of the best exercises. This is specially a good start for those individuals who have never indulged in any kind of exercise in the past. Going for a walk at least 10 minutes in the morning will motivate you to add on more exercises to your day. Once you start noticing the positive changes due to walking regularly you would yourself want to increase your everyday walk time.

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Do some kind of lifting exercises

Lifting exercises do not necessarily have to mean lifting heavy weights. You can start with lifting a hard cover book few times in a day. Lifting small objects can help in improving your muscles and at the same time will strengthen your heart as well.

Make changes in your diet

This is probably another important factor to consider if you really want to improve your heart health. What you eat directly impacts your heart and its functioning. For this reason it is important that you make smart choices when consuming your everyday food. The best and easiest way to do so is by including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Not only do fruits and vegetables taste good but are very easy for digestion and will hence improve your overall immune system.

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Never skip your breakfast 

Make sure that you never skip your breakfast. Doctors often recommend patients suffering from heart disease to make their breakfast count. This can be anything like an egg white omelette, some cornflakes or a whole wheat toast.

Breathe deeply

The easiest way to improve your heart health is by improving your breathing capacity. Start by deep breathing exercises and practice them every day at least 10 minutes. Deep breathing exercises help in calming your mind and relax you. They also help in controlling your overall blood pressure.

With World Heart Day round the corner we hope these tips will help in improving your overall heart health and will contribute in your well-being.

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