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Benefits of consuming calcium-rich foods

Do you know what gives your backbone the most strength or what helps your muscles to contract and relax while you work out, exercise or carry out your day today activities? The answer to all these questions is only one and that is calcium.

The article talks about the importance of calcium and why it needs to be included in your everyday diet. Read below to know more about it.

It improves your bone health

You would be surprised to know that about 99% of calcium in the human body is found in bones and teeth. This means that calcium plays an extremely important role in the development, growth and maintenance of your bones. Calcium is one of the most important component of human body because it strengthens your bones till the time they reach the age of about 20 to 25 years. This is the age when the bone density is the highest. It is after this age that the bone density starts to decline, however the calcium present in our body continues in helping us maintain our bones and also slows down the process of bone density loss. For those individuals who do not consume enough calcium by the time they are 25 years of age can have a higher risk of developing problems such as brittle bone loss in the later stage of their life.

It helps in muscle contraction

Another important role of calcium in our body is that it helps in regulating muscle contraction. Each time a nerve in our body stimulates a muscle, calcium is released from the body that helps the proteins present in the muscle carry out the work of contraction. 

Avoid problems such as blood clotting

Calcium plays an extremely important role in normalizing the blood coagulation in the body. Blood clotting is an extremely complex procedure that comprises of various steps. Calcium here plays an extremely important part in a number of these steps.

Below is a list of calcium-rich foods that you need to start including in your daily diet:

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are said to have high levels of calcium and thus it needs to be included in your everyday diet. Some of the most common and available vegetables are cauliflower, radish, wasabi, cabbages and broccoli.Cruciferous-Vegetables

Legumes and lentils

Another good source of calcium, protein and iron are legumes and lentils. These are available in different forms such as canned, dry and also in their fresh forms. You can cook them in various ways as you wish to. Some of the excellent sources of calcium in the legumes and lentils family are kidney beans, chickpeas, soya beans and lima beans. 

Seamless texture with legumes

Green leafy vegetables

The calcium content in green leafy vegetables is very high and hence they are considered as one of the richest source of calcium. The leaves of these vegetables comprise of high levels of vitamins and iron along with calcium. Some of the green leafy vegetables that you need to include in your everyday diet are spinach, kale, Swiss chard and watercress.leafy-green vegetables

We hope this article was a good read for you & shall help in improving your overall health. There are many secondary calcium supplements available in the market that you can consume too, however we recommend you first consult your doctor or general physician about the same.

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