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Colourful and Healthy Food Diet for Kids

We will talking about small children and how to take care of their eating habits, what they like to eat and what can you cook for them to take care of their health. As we all know that they are very restless and naughty in nature they always like colourful things, so whenever you pack their lunch box for school add some colourful things to it, add some attractive things to the lunchbox pack their lunchbox in different design to make them look interesting so that they can eat them easily as it will attract them and it will of their choice. Now a day’s mother gives chips and Maggi in their lunch box which is not at all healthy for the child. Best option is to give sandwiches made up off brown bread, chapatti, or roll in their lunchbox which they love to eat. There should not be any long gap in between their food, as they need a lot of energy so parents should make them eat in between shorter period of time. Parents should give them regular food which is fruits, green vegetable which has vitamin and other minerals in it, grains like rice, chapatti etc., give your child whatever they like to eat make food attractive, give them fruits which they love to eat including vegetables.  If they don’t like anything parents should make them attractive and make their child eat them. Take good care of your child, make them eat good food and make them healthier

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