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Perfect Healthy Diet for Teenagers

Today in health guide we will be talking about what a teenager should consume and what they should not. As we know that now a day’s teenager’s like to consume different types of junk food which is not healthy for them, the foods which they like to consume are pizza, burger, fried items, grilled food, cold drink, soft drink and alcohol. These food items are not good and healthy for our health, it creates a lot of problem in our life which many people don’t know about. In today’s era people have created a lifestyle of partying and making scenario of eating junk food like pizza and burger, they celebrate their parties by eating unhealthy food that’s why the problem of obesity has been occurred in teenagers. To those teenagers we would like to advise that they should reduce the consumption of junk food and unhealthy food, like in place of cold drink they can consume ice tea, take lemon juice in place of that, or take cold coffee. These drinks will give you satisfaction and is good for health as well. In place of burger or pizza you can have brown bread sandwich which is easily available outside in the market, choose healthy food options for consumption, and take roasted food items which is available outside. In this age teenagers should consume food which is full of vitamins and minerals like green vegetable and fruits. Teenagers do not like to eat green vegetables or fruits, we recommend them to add green vegetables in their one time meal. It is very important to add fruits into your diet. It’s very important to add green vegetables and fruits in our meals and consume it on regular basis and add Dalia (bulgur or burghol) in their meal.

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