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Effects of consuming alcohol

Many of us are well aware about the side effects of alcohol consumption. However we still tend to ignore the negative effects and indulge in this bad habit. We want to tell you that alcohol consumption can affect your entire body and its functioning. It can have a very negative impact on your brain, your nervous system, your liver, heart and also affect your emotional well-being. The effects of alcohol consumption is are also directly related to the amount of alcohol that you consume. Different factors can affect the severity in which alcohol can impact your health.

For this reason, we have listed down some of the negative effects of alcohol consumption and why you need to stop its today. Read below to know more about them:

Effects of Alcohol Consumption leads to Brain disorders

As per some of the best doctors in India it has been reported that even one or two drinks and cause problems such as blurred vision or bad speech. It can also lower down your reaction times and affect your memory. Not just this it can also affect your body balance. While these are some short term effects that can disappear once you stop drinking, you need to understand they have a long-term impact on your brain and can cause various disorders that can be fatal.

Serious chronic diseases

Did you know that excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause problems such as high blood pressure, liver diseases and pancreatitis?

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It can lead to hangovers

Hangover is definitely an unpleasant symptom that generally occurs after you consume a lot of alcohol. This is generally the day after you have consumed alcohol. This can also have a very bad effects of alcohol consumption on your health such as fatigue, vomiting, and headache and can impact your overall productivity.


Did you know that long-term drinking and also be associated with problems such as cancer of liver, mouth, and throat? Also there is individuals who consume tobacco or smoke a lot are always at a higher risk of suffering from cancer.

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Birth defects

You must be aware about the fact that pregnant women should not drink at all. However the problem is that still one and every 12 pregnant woman consume alcohol during their pregnancy. However this can have a very negative effect on your child and can affect his brain, heart and other organs as well.

Causes injury

When you consume too much alcohol it affects your senses, as a result of this it can slower down your reaction time and can cause is lack of coordination. For this reason effects of alcohol consumption are more likely to be involved in car accidents, violent acts and other problems such as a drowning, committing suicide and other injuries.

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