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Dieting to lose weight is the current norm. Getting on a diet is easy but continuing it isn’t. A lot of people nowadays go on diets, but aren’t able to follow them. This results in a fluctuation in our diet, diet plans and weight.

These continuous ups and downs in your dietary habits is known as yo-yo dieting. Widely discussed by Health Experts nowadays, it is also known as weight cycling. It describes a pattern of eating that leads to loss of weight for the short time period when the diet is followed and then  when the diet stops, inadvertent regaining of weight.

Going on a diet might be good for your body, but fluctuating your diet plan isn’t going to help. In fact it might have more adverse effects than you imagined. So don’t abandon them mid-way.

Here are some harmful effects of yo-yo dieting on your health:

1. Increased risk of heart diseases

It is proven by a study in the University of Columbia study that yo-yo dieting may increase risk of heart diseases in women who lose some 10 pounds after following a diet and then regain the weight within the same year.

2. Prevents you from reaching weight loss goals

You are not going to reach your weight loss goals if you follow such a pattern. Repeatedly gaining all the weight you lost, might just prove to be frustrating and dissuade you from wanting to lose weight as a whole.

3. Increase in body fat percentage

Yo- Yo diets may lead to increased risk of future weight gain and has been linked with an overall increase in body fat percentage, belly fat, as well as increased risk of obesity.

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