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How could a 2 year old girl be diagnosed with ovarian cancer? Is that even possible? Parents Meagan and Michael Xydias found out the hard way.

Kenni Xydias diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Initially what they thought was their 2-year-old daughter Kenni suffering from constipated, ended up to be cancer of the ovaries!

When their daughters stomach started protruding, the parents took their little girl to her pediatrician who said that she only had gas and would be completely okay by the next day.

Not even in their dreams would they have thought otherwise, after all, Kenni is only a 2 year old kid!

But it only seemed to get worse from there. The daycare where Kenni was called to tell the parents that her fever was at 103 and her belly seemed even bigger than usual. The distraught mother took Kenni back to her Pediatrician.


But the pediatrician remained firm. It was gas! Yet, Meagan insisted that something wasn’t right. It definitely wasn’t gas.

Leaving the pediatricians office, Meagan made her way to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Scottish Rite hospital with Kenni for an ultrasound. The doctors found an enormous growth on the little girl’s ovaries and diagnosed the toddler with a stage 3 ovarian yolk sac tumor on Feb. 15.

Meagan says, “We were heartbroken. My husband was confused as to how a 2-year-old could have ovarian cancer, like, how could this happen? I was just taken aback by the fact that my baby had cancer. Cancer, that’s what shocked me. I don’t think I heard much past that.”

The cause of this type of rare, malignant tumor of cells found in the embryo is unknown but one of the symptom is just painless swelling.

kenni and mum

Now, Kenni is just out of the surgery she underwent after the diagnosis in ordere to have the large mass removed. According to the mother, she seems to be doing much better and her heath has improved. She will be released in a few more days.

In an interview with a leading magazine, Meagan told,“It hasn’t felt like just two weeks, it feels like we’ve been here for a couple of months. As soon as they took out the tumor, her color was better. She was breathing easier. It took her a few days to get back to her normal self and be playful. We’re happy to be able to go home.”

She adds, “For the next few years she’ll be in and out of doctor’s offices. But hopefully that’ll be it.”

Let’s hope and pray for the best for little Kenni.

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