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Most common birth defects in babies

A birth defect is usually a physical defect or problem that is present right from the time of a baby’s birth. In other words, it can also be termed as congenital. Birth defects in babies can either cause a physical disorder or in some cases a mental disorder as well. While certain defects can be cured or treated or at least controlled or decreased through medications and the right treatment, there are defects caused that cannot be treated and can be in fatal in worse cases. In all, there are more than 4000 types of birth defects or deformities known in babies. Some of the other terms doctors use for birth defects are anomalies and malformations. 

Below is a list of the most common birth defects in babies:


Club Foot

Club foot is a very common problem faced by babies at the time of the birth. This type of disorder generally affects the bones and muscles and can affect either one or both the feet. The affected foot is generally shorter in height than the other one and much broader in appearance. Thee muscles too are weaker in this case. This type of disorder occurs in every 1 child in 1000. The disorder is more common and more prevalent in boys than that compared to the girls. Both of the feet are affected about 40 to 60 percent, depending upon the defect. A lot of reasons can cause this type of defect. Usually a genetic reason is considered to be the cause of club foot, however, the true reason may not be known. It can also be caused due to the improper positioning of the fetus in the womb. Your doctor or pediatrician you consult is the right person to contact in case if your child suffers from this type of disorder. The aim of doctors is generally to help straighten the foot and make it grow or develop normally. There are different treatments designed to treat this type of disorder in babies.


Congenital heart defects 

This type of defect affect the baby’s heart structure and its functioning. The defect affects the flow of blood from the heart and throughout the body. This type of defect can be mild and treated in most cases. However, in certain cases it could be a very severe defect too. These type of birth defects are common in specific countries where 8 out of every 1000 babies are affected from it. While some congenital heart defects can be treated and cured through proper treatment, in other cases these need to be monitored all through their lives. At times an infant might also have to undergo a surgery to treat the same. This can be immediately or at a later stage, depending on the complications.


Neural Tube defect

There is no complete cure available for this type of defect. This disorder usually occurs during the early stage of development of the fetus and occur when the neural tube isn’t formed in the correct manner.

To know more child birth defects, visit a good pediatrician or surgeon from the hospitals or clinics in your vicinity 

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