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Precautions to Take After a Root Canal

Infected teeth is a common problem faced by most of us. This problem generally leads to ailments such as toothache and inflammation within the mouth which causes cavity. Doctors often recommend root canal as the best treatment and an effective one to treat such ailments. Under this treatment, the infected area of the tooth is removed in order to stop the pain or bleeding that an individual suffers from. In fact, even the best dentists from around the world suggest that root canal is probably one of the best treatment in order to treat painful tooth ailments.

Root Canal: The best treatment for cavity

Also a lot of individuals are generally scared about undergoing a root canal treatment. However let us tell you that there is nothing to be worried about this treatment and that this procedure can you help in yielding the best results.

Root canal is an effective treatment especially when painkillers or other medicines fail to treat the pain that you go through.

Root canal has over the years gained a lot of popularity from around the world for resolving various dental issues. However, there are certain precautions that an individual must take in order to ensure good results after the treatment. If you really want to enjoy the perks of a root canal treatment for a long period of time, these precautions are mandatory.

We today have listed down some of the common precautions that you need to take after a root canal.

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Take all your medicines on time

The first and the foremost precaution that you need to keep in mind after a root canal treatment is to never miss out on any of your medicines. Taking all your medicines on time as it is an important factor that you need to follow if you have recently undergone a root canal treatment. Taking medicines on time is important as it avoids problems such as tooth infection. Your doctor or dentist will prescribe you certain antibiotics that you need to consume after timely basis. Medicines also help in minimizing the post-surgery pain and hence it is important to consume them on time.

Timely visit to your dentist

In most cases, a root canal surgery generally does not require any corrections or repeat surgeries. However root canal treatment is quite a big dental treatment and hence it is important that after your surgery you make timely visits to your dentist. This way your dentist can identify your oral health in a much better way and prescribe you certain medications to improve your health.

Don’t ignore any severe pain symptoms

It is quite normal to undergo some amount of pain post your surgery. However this pain can be controlled with the help of certain over-the-counter painkillers. On the other hand if you have been noticing a lot of pain post your surgery, this is not a normal sign. Experiencing a lot of pain after the surgery means you require immediate medical attention. So if you have been suffering from any such prolonged pain after a root canal treatment, we recommend that you immediately book an appointment with your dentist to get it analyzed.

Maintain oral hygiene

If you have to or already have undergone a root canal treatment, we are sure that your dentist must have lectured you about the importance of keeping your teeth clean. Make sure that you always keep your teeth clean especially those teeth which have been treated. You need to keep them sanitized at all times and have to be particular about your mouth hygiene. This is so because immediately after the treatment you are always at a higher risk of suffering from infections.

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Avoid unwanted pressure on the teeth

The tooth which has undergone a root canal surgery can be in a very delicate condition. For this reason it is extremely important to take extra care of the teeth. Avoid putting excessive amount of pressure on the teeth and grinding your teeth. Also while eating your food, chew from the other side of your mouth which has not been treated.

Look out for what you eat

Your dentist will never ask you to follow any restrictions in terms of what you should eat after a root canal. However as a precautionary measure in order to protect your teeth during its tender stage it is important to avoid certain foods. This step is extremely important because your teeth maybe quite sensitive to food that is too hot or too cold. Also try to avoid crunchy or extra crispy food that can put excessive pressure on your tooth. Doing so may have certain negative effects such as unbearable toothache.

Avoid undergoing any new treatment

Root canal in itself is a very complicated treatment. It requires multiple sessions and a lot of time. More importantly your tooth requires a good amount of time to recover from the treatment. For this reason make sure that you do not undergo any new dental related treatment during this stage. However if you have to undergo any other treatment on an urgent basis, we recommend that you first consult your dentist about the same. Also ask your dentist which medicines besides painkillers you need to consume. This is important in order to avoid side effects of other medicines.

Make sure you get the safety cap

Your tooth is very sensitive and tender after a root canal treatment. And hence to keep it protected and for the speedy recovery it is important that you get a safety cap or crown placed over the treated tooth. Ask your doctor about the same. This is important because without the safety your teeth may not be protected.

Increase the brushing time of your teeth

After your root canal treatment, extend the time of your brushing. This helps in healing the area treated better and will keep your mouth hygienic & healthy at all times.

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