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Now a normal baby, Itzamara was not always so. The South American baby was born with her own twin growing inside of her that was initially assumed to be a cyst inside her liver.

This year in February, the infant was welcomed into this world by her mother via a C – section in Columbia. Her partially formed twin was still inside her in her abdomen and still seemed to be growing even after the girl was born.

This phenomenon is known as “fetus – in- fetu”. First documented in 1808 in a British medical journal, it is extremely rare but has instances of its presence recorded majorly in births in India, Singapore and Indonesia.

One theory is that the mass begins as a normal foetus but becomes enveloped inside its twin.[2] The other theory is that the mass is a highly developed teratoma which is a tumour made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle, or bone

fetus in fetu

This condition is thought to affect approximately one in a half million live births across the world.

Initially it was assumed that the baby girl, who was names Itzamara, had a small cyst growing in her liver. But the doctors realized soon that it wasn’t a cyst inside the girl but her own partially formed twin.

The twin was connected to its sisters by an umbilical cord that gave it sustenance from the baby’s intestine. The foetus did not have a heart or a brain and had to be surgically removed from the baby girl’s abdomen. It has a partially formed head and limbs but was only approximately around 2 inches in length.

The Doctors have now declared her to be a normal baby with no risks.

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