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In Ratodero, a small town in the Larkana district of Sindh, an Aids-infected doctor was recently arrested on account of wilful spreading of HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus to his patients.

The doctor named Dr Muzaffar Ghangharo was arrested on Tuesday with the charge of infecting 42 people including children with the Human Immuno deficiency syndrome which has resulted in them getting AIDS which is also known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

The matter came to light when dozens of children tested positive to HIV, causing panic in the town. Upon further investigation of the matter, it was revealed that most of the children diagnosed with the disease had at some point visited Dr Muzaffar in his private clinic.

The number of children in the town suffering from HIV has increased to 18.

Based on the directives of the Deputy Commissioner of Larkana, Noman Siddiqui, the suspected doctor underwent a HIV/Aids test that brought his condition to light and revealed that he is a patient of Aids.

It was later claimed that the doctor had wilfully spread the disease by means of a HIV infected syringe. The statement made by the deputy commissioner further claimed that the mental condition of the doctor was unstable.

An investigation for the same is underway and due to the complaint of Sindh Aids control programme officials, Dr. Muzaffar has been arrested and a case registered.

The allegations were, however, denied by the doctor. He claimed to not know that he was suffering from AIDS and further stated that, if he had known that he was infected, he would have sought treatment for the same. He blamed the Sindh Health Care commission for conspiracy against him to hide its own incompetence.

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