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Charcoal BrushWe’ve heard numerous benefits of charcoal over the years. One of them has been that charcoal is an amazing teeth whitener. In the recent years, this has gained popularity increasingly. 

Charcoal toothpaste has been endorsed by numerous celebrities. Advertisements of charcoal toothpaste promote the fact that charcoal is a dental proponent that removes stains from teeth while providing a non-abrasive whitening solution.

But, a recent review suggests that charcoal toothpastes are highly damaging to the teeth. The main cause of this is that such toothpastes do not contain fluoride, a component essential for battling tooth decay.

The review, published in the British Dental Journal, examined 50 different charcoal toothpastes – of which just eight contained fluoride.

Charcoal inactivates fluoride which is why even the 8 toothpastes that do contain it are ineffective to your teeth.Charcoal Toothpaste

Some 96% of these toothpastes also claimed to have whitening and stain removing properties – but none contained a sufficient amount of bleaching agent for this to be the case, according to the review.

Charcoal has been disproven to strengthen teeth, have antibacterial or antiseptic properties or detox your teeth.

“Not all charcoal toothpastes are the same and some could potentially be causing lasting damage to a person’s teeth,” said Dr Linda Greenwall, lead author of the study and member of the British Dental Bleaching Society, who conducted the research. She added, “Toothpastes should contain fluoride to have additional health benefits for the teeth. The most worrying aspect about the marketing of charcoal pastes and powders appears to be a strong emphasis on the benefits which appeal to consumers, which have yet to be disproved. This ‘scientifically claimed until proved wrong’ approach is favoured over substantiated, evidence-based promotion.”

“Charcoal toothpaste is absolutely damaging to the teeth, charcoal is an extremely abrasive ingredient which permanently damages the outer layer of the enamel surface. In fact continuous use has proven to discolour the teeth surface.Tooth paste

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