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For all expecting mothers out there, here’s some good news – You can now protect your child by reducing his chances of Autism by taking your prenatal vitamins.

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In a study conducted with 241 children from high risk families who already had a sibling diagnosed with Autism Spectral disorder, it was proven that taking prenatal vitamins are very crucial. The most important being Folic Acid which is known to reduce birth defects in a baby’s brain and spine. The intake of these can result in a higher cognitive skill in younger children who are siblings of those with autism spectral disorder risk while also reducing their chances for the neuro-behavioural condition, say researchers.

The study was published in JAMA Psychiatry, a journal and with its finding might just prove to be vital for families who have an autistic child and hope to have more children, since younger siblings of children with the condition are about 13 times more likely to be born autistic.

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The researchers from the University of California-Davis in the US said that the study also implied that by taking prenatal  vitamins, one could overcome genetic vulnerability.

Rebecca J. Schmidt, Assistant Professor at the varsity said, “We found that even though these families are at a likely greater risk for an autism diagnosis for a later sibling due to genetic heritability of ASD, taking prenatal vitamins during the critical early pregnancy period contributed to the reduction in autism risk in siblings by about half.” She added, “So, in other words, this is about protection against recurrence of ASD in high-risk younger siblings of children with autism.”

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The study found that 14.1 per cent that is 18 children of mothers who took prenatal vitamins in the first month of pregnancy, were born with autism when compared to the 32.7 per cent or 37 children who were born autistic of mothers who did not take prenatal vitamins.

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